Survival Rules

No griefing

You are not allowed to alter other peoples builds without their permission, this includes breaking and replacing blocks.

No spamming

You are not allowed to spam chat by entering the same message multiple times or typing messages too quickly in chat.

No advertising

You are not allowed to advertise other servers in any way.

No discrimination

You are not allowed to discriminate against other people, this includes using derogatory words.

No hacks

You are not allowed any "hacks" that give you an unfair advantage over other players such as x-ray, fly or similar mods.

No glitching

You are not allowed to exploit any glitches that you may find on the server such as duplication bugs. If you find a glitch then please report it to a member of staff.

Please be courteous to other players on the server, for example ensuring that you don't build too close to someone else without permission.

We try to keep the server a fun and friendly environment for everyone to play on.