Modded Rules

Chat Rules

  • Do not spam. (Rapidly repeating something or flooding chat)
  • Do not discriminate. (Making Racist, Highly offensive, or homophobic remarks are not allowed)
  • Do not bypass chat filters. (Filters exist for a reason. No exceptions)
  • Do not advertise. This includes posting ANY IPs whether they link to a server or not.
Name Rules
  • Usernames must abide by the general chat rules.
  • No impersonating staff.

Exploits and Bugs

  • If you find a bug or know of one do not abuse it. If the bug is unknown to staff report it immediately.
  • Examples of exploits: Block glitching, bypassing protections, glitching through walls, doors, etc. with enderpearls, killing mobs through walls.


  • Mods that give players an unfair advantage are not allowed.
  • If you join the server with any banned mods you will be banned.
  • If you are unsure about if a mod that isn't list below is banned or not feel free to ask staff. Try to use common sense.

Mods We Allow

  • Optifine
  • Minimaps (No radar)
  • JourneyMap (radar is disabled by the server)
  • VoxelMap (radar is disabled by the server)
  • Recipe mods

Mods We Do Not Allow

  • Xray of any kind
  • Radar
  • Fly hacks
  • Speed hacks

Respect Staff

    Staff members are normal players when they are not doing their job. You may treat staff the same as you would any other player.

  • When a staff member is doing their job be respectful.
  • Do not insult staff members concerning their job.
  • If you believe a staff members is abusing do not announce it in chat. You are to make a thread under rule breaking on the forum. You are expected to provide real evidence and fake reports are taken very seriously.

Do not try to damage the server

  • Do not do anything that can damage the server or its official buildings in any way.