Mineyc Modded


Server Info:

To connect to the Mineyc Modded server you will require Flans Mod installed on your client with the official content packs which can be found here.



How to join:

To join the Mineyc Modded server you will need Flan's mod properly installed along with some Flan's mod packs. Links to the mod and packs are below:

Flan's Mod

Simple Parts Pack

WW2 Pack

Modern Warfare Pack

Ye Olde Pack

Nerf Pack

Titan Pack

Zombie Pack

Mecha Parts Pack

Download our modpack: Modpack

Install with Technic: Technic

Import with MultiMC: https://www.mineyc.com/uploads/Mineyc-MultiMC.zip

Modpack updated 14/10/17