Grass Block

Survive, work together, trade and build.

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Flans Mod Plane

Factions Flan's Mod server.

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Now on Technic -


It's now easier than ever to get onto our Modded server without having to manually install Flan's Mod.

We now have our modpack available from the Technic launcher as well as our previous sources!

For links to the packs please visit our info page.

Forum Fixes -


An update was recently done to the forum software that caused some issues with the forum styles, this has now been fixed.

Some users may still be seeing bugs in the forum layout and features, this should be fixed by clearing your browser cache.

New logo -


For a long time we have used a logo for Mineyc that created a long time ago in a logo competition. While the original image was great, it did not handle well being compressed and resized etc.

The new logo only contains two colours (and transparency) and its original form is a vector image, meaning we can resize it to any size without loss of quality.

The logo is a shield shape with a gap in the middle in the shape of an 'M' for 'Mineyc' that divides the two colours on the shield.

See the logo here.

This logo can now be seen as the server icons in the multiplayer list in-game and the favicons related to the website.